May 9, 2014


For me, personally, you have been an important model of authentic collegiality across departments, gender and race; someone whom I value a great deal.  I also have learned a lot from your scholarship regarding abelism/disability issues facing African American P12 students; a topic that has helped me in my own work on SCSU SOC retention issues. When you speak in my classes, your evaluations are higher than any other speaker; students rate the quality of information as new & relevant to their field and your teaching style as incredible and relatable. They use phrases like “[I] want to teach like him” and “great enthusiasm”, “model teacher” and “incredibly intelligent”.  I couldn’t agree more!

Semya Hakim, Ph.D.
Department of Human Relations & Multicultural Ed
St. Cloud State University

October 15, 2013

This letter is written on behalf of Dr. Bryan Cichy. Dr. Cichy worked very closely with our Office of Clinical Experiences staff for two years (2011-13), assisting with student placements and special education department processes. I find Dr. Cichy to be an upbeat, genuinely kind colleague, willing to support and go the extra mile for student success. We called upon Dr. Cichy on a regular basis, and he was always willing to work side by side with us. He organized information regarding program changes and worked with area school districts to update them and secure their support. He developed systems for sharing information with our office, and for his department to track and evaluate students.

Dr. Cichy is a very professional and positive colleague, who we can count on and with whom we have enjoyed working.

Fran Umerski
Director, Office of Clinical Experiences
School of Education
St. Cloud State University

April 9, 2013

Dear Colleagues,
I would like to take a few moments to commend my peer, Dr. Bryan E. Cichy, on his extraordinary presentation during the CEC Convention and Expo in San Antonio, Texas. Bryan’s highly interactive session, Culturally Responsive Instruction in a Response to Intervention Environment, was very well-prepared and engaging for all participants because both introductory and advanced concepts were masterfully presented. The presentation was attended by approximately 75 people. I watched the attendees taking photos of Dr. Cichy’s informative slides with their mobile devices. After the presentation concluded, I saw 10 – 12 of the attendees go up to Bryan to ask questions and meet the expert. I was so impressed!

Bradley J. Kaffer, Ph.D.
Department of Special Education
St. Cloud State University

November 10, 2011

Dr. Cichy has documented (conservatively) 16 years of K-12 school experience in special education, transition, and Spanish. He brings considerable experience to both his university teaching and to his scholarship. I recommend Dr. Cichy for positions in special education sans hesitation. In addition, I would be happy to expand upon this recommendation via a telephone interview.

John H. Hoover, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, School of Education
St. Cloud State University

July 10, 2010

Although Bryan’s working credentials are impressive, his passion and continued scholarship on the subject of building cultural competence in new educators is second to none. Bryan has spent his career researching, writing, and speaking on such subjects as the importance of building cultural diversity among teaching staff, the over-representation of African-American males in special education programs, and the importance of building awareness in pre-service teachers on issues of race and culture. When considering a candidate who will be working with future teachers, conducting educational research, and helping to build cultural and racial awareness, I think you would agree that Bryan definitely has the qualifications for filling these roles.

Kathleen L. Seifert, Ph.D.
Department of Educational Psychology
University of Minnesota